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The Bottle Rockets


When The Bottle Rockets hit the scene in the mid ‘90s, the world wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. With their punk-rock pedigrees and arena-rock energy, their tougher-than-Springsteen storytelling and their romantic hearts sewn bare on their denim sleeves, the pride of Festus, MO confounded musical generalities as they laid waste to clubs across the Midwest and then, soon enough, the nation. (Read the band’s full bio on their website by clicking HERE.) 

Hear the music of The Bottle Rockets on the Afternoon Ramble with Brian Cosgrove on WPPB Monday - Friday from noon - 4pm. 

The Bottle Rockets will be playing on Long Island at The Boulton Center in Bay Shore on January 30th, 2014 with Marshall Crenshaw. 


WPPB’s Original Radio Production of “A Christmas Carol”

Join WPPB throughout the month of December for our original radio production of “A Christmas Carol” featuring our talented Troupe of East End Players, including Josh Gladstone as the Narrator and Jacob Marley and Daniel Becker as Scrooge. “A Christmas Carol” is directed by Michael Disher, engineered by Kyle Lynch and produced by Bonnie Grice, host of The Eclectic Cafe

Here’s the broadcast schedule: 

  • Saturday 12/14 from 5 - 6pm
  • Sunday 12/15 from 4 - 5pm
  • Saturday 12/21 from noon - 1pm
  • Tuesday 12/24 from noon - 1pm
  • Wednesday 12/25 from 5 - 6pm

The 2013 broadcast of WPPB’s “A Christmas Carol” is generously sponsored by Cummings & Good and Southrifty Drug

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder, born Steveland Morris, was made blind as the result of a hospital error soon after his birth. He began playing the harmonica at five, started piano lessons at six and then took up the drums at eight. He started playing at the local church and soon became something of a neighborhood sensation. To read his full biography click HERE

Hear Stevie Wonder’s music on Friday Night Soul hosted by Ed German Friday evenings from 8pm - midnight on Ed calls Stevie, “The all-time genius of soul” so expect to hear his music in heavy rotation. 

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